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Q: Why do you not accept PayPal?
PayPal does not support MLM or Affiliate programs at all. If we allowed people to use PayPal we would be risking both of our accounts being frozen. Read their 29 pages of policies.
Q: AlertPay is asking for a Transaction PIN. What is that?
A: When you opened your AlertPay account you were asked to enter a password, which you use to login to your account, and a Transaction PIN. That PIN must be entered to send money to someone else. If you opened your AlertPay account a while ago, they used to call it a Transaction Password. If you do not remember your Transaction PIN or Password, you can go to My Profile and click on Password / PIN on the left side of the page. Once there you will see the option to update your PIN. You will be asked you your 2 security questions. If you get them right you will have a chance to reset your PIN. If you cannot get through that you should call AlertPay's support number rather than use their email support. Email is slow to respond but on the phone they can help you in a few minutes. Their support number is 514-748-5774.
Q: Where is my referral link? I can't find it anywhere.
A: Your referral link is not available until you activate your account. Once you have done that by paying the 5 people on your list, you will have access to your member's area. Click on Promotion Tools and your link is at the top of the page.
Q: Do I need to verify my AlertPay account before I can start promoting my Mammoth List affiliate link?
A: No. Unverified accounts only affect 2 things. If you are in Canada, you may not be able to pay all 5 people with an unverified account. I don't know why this only affects people in Canada. It has something to do with Canadian laws and the fact that AlertPay is based in Canada. The other thing this will affect is how much you can withdraw from your AlertPay account. Make sure you start the verification process now. Note: AlertPay says they are taking 9-10 days to verify accounts. But if you call them and tell them you want to speed up the process they can do it for you while you are on the phone. They said they make you a priority if you call in.
Q: I just got my Mammoth List affiliate link but when I go to my link I see my sponsor's name on the sign up page. Why is my name not there?
A: The site uses Sessions, not Cookies. You see your sponsor's name there because your original session is still alive. The site remembers the first link you went to. To break the current session, close all browser windows and open a fresh one. Then go directly to your referral link and you will see your name there. It is setup this way to prevent you from losing referrals. Anyone who clicks on your link first will see your name there.
Q: I started a bank transfer to fund my AlertPay account but they say it will be 5 days. Is there a faster way?
A: Possibly. You could add a credit card to your profile and there is no verification process for credit cards so you can use it immediately. Or you can use SafePay Solutions with a credit card, which is also immediate.
Q: Is this legal?
A: Absolutely! People are paying you to add them to your income seekers mailing list. The product is a huge list and that is extremely valuable.
Q: How much can I earn with this?
A: The sky's the limit. Really! The more referrals you get the more width you have. The more people you get paid on 5 levels deep. If you really want to make some serious money with this, don't stop telling people or advertising until you have 20 referrals who have each activated their account. Then tell them the same thing. Can you have more than 20? Of course you can. There is no limit to how many you can have on your 1st level.
Q: Am I allowed to have multiple positions in Mammoth List.
A: No. Multiple positions are not allowed. We don't want people stacking positions so they get paid twice or more from the same people. Besides, there really is no advantage to having more than one position. You only make money if you have referrals. If you have 2 positions you would have to put several referrals under each one. You could accomplish the same thing but save yourself $10 by putting them all under one position since you have unlimited width. Anyone caught trying to cheat the system will lose all their positions. So don't even try.
Q: Is this system cheat-proof?
A: Yes it is. We have gone through extensive testing repeatedly to make sure nobody can get into the system without paying the 5 people on their list. It is impossible for anyone to get into the real members area or get their own affiliate link without paying those 5 people to activate their account. Even if someone gets lucky guessing what their affiliate link might be, it won't matter because the link is not live if your account is not active. It's only $10 one time. There is no reason to try and cheat people out of 2 bucks when your earnings potential is so high.

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